We envision our company to complete projects with strict compliance to  Time, Cost, and Quality. Strengthen with highly professional & skill staff force , utilizing state of art technology, systems and resources, we make it our mission to exceed the expectations of our customers.



Nitkertz Develop Residential properties in Malaysia with the concern of economic theory has explained, house price movements is inherent with the regional economics and regional demographics such as income, cost of capital, stock prices and population change. 


Road Works

Nitkertz (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, which started with road works related maintenance services With a combination of experience, expertise, efficiency and good technical and financial strength, our company has the potential to build roads.

Nitkertz Constructions

NITKERTZ is a property developer with a strong customer focus.
Our aim is to create property solutions that works today and sustainable  for the future. We provide our customers with concept, solution and values they dream and not with what we think they need. This is achieved by gaining knowledge of their current requirements and a thorough understanding of their future aspirations.


Nitkertz is registered with Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) under Grade G7 for Building Construction(B) under specialization of General Building Work(B04), Civil Engineering (CE) under specialization of General Civil Engineering Work(CE21) and Mechanical & Electrical (ME) for Multi Mechanical Equipment(M15) and General Electrical Work(E11).


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